Farrow and Associates mediation services Wellington

“I believe there's no such thing as a conflict that can't be ended. They're created and sustained by human beings. They can be ended by human beings. No matter how ancient the conflict, no matter how hateful, no matter how hurtful, peace can prevail.” - George J Mitchell


Farrow & Associates provide mediation services in the greater Wellington region. We can help you work through differences and resolve issues, resulting in flexible and creative solutions, including;

  1. providing alternative dispute resolution
  2. mediating disputes
  3. facilitating difficult conversations
  4. helping resolve complaints

Phone: 027 4960 295

Email: patricia@farrowassociates.nz

Patricia Farrow Mediation Services Wellington


Patricia is a LEADR accredited mediator.

Born and raised in Ireland, Patricia has lived in New Zealand since 1990. She started her career in human resources and moved into training and management in the information technology industry. During her career she has been a team leader, project manager and client services manager. In recent years she has worked for a charity helping people gain employment.


Mediation is a voluntary confidential process in which a neutral person (the mediator) helps people in conflict review the issues so that they can achieve a solution that is acceptable to all parties involved. The mediator has no power or authority to direct the parties to a decision and cannot force any decision upon them. Following discussions and with the guidance of the mediator, the parties themselves find a way of resolving their issues. This is the essence of Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Most people do not seek out conflict in their business or personal lives. In our legal system there will always be a loser in any dispute. By trying mediation first, both parties have an opportunity to state their views in a safe environment improving the chances of reaching an agreement and preserving on-going relationships. ADR is an alternative to risking time, money and emotional energy going to court.

We cannot prevent disputes arising but we can choose to deal with them in a way that results in least harm and cost to our professional and personal lives.